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Sports Premium Funding


Sports Premium Funding 2019/20

Glasshoughton Infant Academy contributes to PE (Physical Education) in a vast range of ways. At Glasshoughton Infant Academy, we recognise the contribution of PE to the physical health, mental health and well-being of the children. We believe that an innovative, varied PE curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities have a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of all our children. We also acknowledge that extra-curricular activities have a positive impact on children as a whole child.

Our Primary School Sport's Funding will enable us to continue and extend our provision through deploying expert infant staff to deliver high quality physical activity sessions, entering into more competitive sports competitions and training our staff to deliver in-house quality PE sessions. At Glasshoughton Infant Academy we are committed to ensure that all pupils receive a minimum of 2 hours of PE per week, delivered by expert and enthusiastic teachers. We ensure our staffs PE subject knowledge is accurate and strong so that all children are supported through clear differentiation at all levels.

Teachers provide after school sports clubs, both for team and individual sports. Glasshoughton Infant Academy takes part in a range of inter school competitions with other local primary schools within the academy trust and pyramid. We also run a Sports and Healthy Eating Week every year which includes taking part in competitive races and learning how and why we must keep our selves fit and healthy. This is linked to our Science and PSHCE curriculum to ensure children are seeing the importance of keeping fit and healthy, not just because they enjoy PE. Every year parents are invited to take part in a sponsored walk around the school grounds with their child to raise money towards school funds.

What is the Sports Premium?

The Sports Premium funding is jointly provided by the Department for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and is given directly to primary schools to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children. The Sports Premium funding total for Glasshoughton Infant Academy is £17,190.00

Outlined below is how the Sports Premium is used at Glasshoughton Infant Academy:

  • Bespoke training and CPD sessions led by infant trained, outstanding teacher
  • Resources and equipment to support high quality PE sessions across a range of disciplines
  • Paying for professional development opportunities in PE/sport
  • Providing cover to release primary teachers for professional development in PE/sport
  • Running sport competitions within school and within the pyramid  
  • Providing places for pupils on extra-curricular sport clubs
  • High quality CPD sought for all staff (in-house and external) to ensure links with the wider curriculum are exhausted and utilised appropriately.

The table below outlines what we are going to spend the Sports premium funding with the anticipated outcome and expenditure.

Professional developmentAction Anticipated Outcome and impactExpenditure
Releasing effective teachers to lead improvements in PE so that all lessons are at least good with some outstanding features. Claire Wilson to continue to coach and mentor all teachers in school to deliver high quality PE sessions.

Coach staff to plan and deliver a PE curriculum that is broad and balanced with a clear progression in skills.



Salary cost

Enhance PE lessons to incorporate the wider curriculum for all areas of work.  Claire Wilson to further plan and work alongside teachers across school to utilise PE as a driver to support a range of subjects. Children transfer skills between the curriculum subjects.

Salary cost


£500 CPD

An assessment system is used to show clear progress of individuals over a unit of work through the use of an entry and exit process. Claire Wilson to implement a recording and assessment document to show clear progress for ALL learners. Entry assessment gives a baseline starting point and is used to plan accordingly to meet the needs of ALL learner. Exit assessment shows progress for all learners. Salary cost
Increase the level of participation in physical activity through quality playtimes, development of year 2 play leaders, daily mile and a HiiT programme through a bespoke GIA play leader scheme.

Claire Wilson to implement a play leaders programme and regular CPD to support their development.

Claire Wilson to develop the Daily Mile and HiiT activities across school as a driver for improving mental health and well-being.

Children are effective play leaders who support and lead children in physical activities during playtimes.

Children's social, emotional, mental health and well being improve through being more physically active throughout curriculum times.

Salary cost
Target specific groups/individual  pupils to help improve their physical development, engagement for all.

Fit to learn and gross motor interventions.

Extra-curricular clubs timetable for the year planned and analysed to ensure identified children are taking part.


Teaching and learning encourages all pupils to participate. Children targeted to improve their physical development impacting on all areas of the curriculum.


Salary cost
Increase physical activity and PE enjoyment.

After school clubs to run throughout.  

Further improve the after school club offer through signposting and sourcing clubs to meet specific talents.


Children are able to access extra activities to improve physical development.  Children's individual talents are nurtured increasing children's confidence and character. Salary cost
To increase physical activity and awareness of elements of a healthy life style.

Sport and Healthy week – whole school.

Teachers to plan physical and healthy life style activities linked to all areas of the curriculum (e.g. timing running in Maths, researching a famous athlete, cooking a balanced meal)

Children are aware of what constitutes a healthy life style and have opportunities to engage in further physical activity. Children further develop a sense of sportsmanship towards all their peers. No additional cost
To increase physical activity and the concept of sportsmanship. Sports Day to take place in Summer 2.Children to compete against peers of a similar physical ability. Sportsmanship developed through use of awards for first, second and third place and fair play. Play leaders to take an active role within the planning and implementation of the day.

Children have an opportunity to put physical skills into practice for a purpose. All children feel a sense of achievement and success.  

Children further develop a sense of sportsmanship towards all their peers.


Purchasing specialist equipment and teaching resources to develop a non-traditional activity or new sport Replace equipment/New equipment for lessons and clubs. New outdoor equipment purchased for lunch times. An extensive range of sports activities are available. £1000
Celebration of PE and sports activities Children to share their achievements in school through celebration assembly. Children awarded sport person trophy for performance, effort  or attitude in PE on a weekly basis. PE and Sport are celebrated across the life of the school.Included in £50 for sportsmanship

PE and Sports Premium Impact 2019-2020.pdf

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