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Castleford Academy admissions policy 2022-23 consultation.pdf
Changes to Dropping off and Collection - 10.09.20.pdf
Children in Need Letter 2020.pdf
Childrens Mental Health Letter Dress to Express 27.01.21.pdf
Children's University Christmas Card Competition.pdf
Childrens University February Challenge 2021.pdf
Childrens University October Challenge 2020.pdf
Childrens University Winter Newsletter 2020.pdf
Christmas Events Letter - 20.11.20.pdf
Consent Letter for Existing CU Members - Sep 20.pdf
EYFS Adopters Sway Info 10.12.2020.pdf
GIA update  04.01.2021.pdf
Halloween Sponsored Walk - 01.10.20.pdf
Individual Photograph Letter - Sep'20.pdf
Letter for Parents - Children University - Sep 20.pdf
Letter to Parents - NSPCC 02.11.20.pdf
Parent Consultation 01.10.2020.pdf
Parent Governor Letter.pdf
Pupil Premim Letter - Sep 2020.pdf
Pupil Premium and FSM Form - Sep 2020.pdf
Reading Books Letter - Oct 2020.pdf
Reading Books Letter - Sep 20.pdf
Reception Milk Letter - Sep 20.pdf
Remembrance Day and Children in Need Video Consent letter.pdf
Remote Learning Letter with Questionnaire 27.01.21.pdf
Safer Internet Day Letter 08.02.2021.pdf
School Milk Leaflet - Sep 20.pdf
Signs and Symptoms Letter  - 14.09.2020.pdf
Spelling Tests Letter - Sep 20.pdf
Wider Opening of School 08.03.2021.pdf


​ ​​​
18.12.2020  Headteacher Newsletter.pdf
18/12/2020 11:19 AM
22.09.2020 Headteacher Newsletter.pdf
22/09/2020 10:52 AM
23.10.2020 Headteacher Newsletter.pdf
23/10/2020 02:48 PM
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Glasshoughton Infant Academy is part of the Castleford Academy Trust. You can visit the other schools by clicking the relevant link below.

Contact Details

Mrs A Walker
Glasshoughton Infant Academy
WF10 4BH

Our Chair of Governors is Mr Phil Wagstaff. He can be contacted via the school.

For all enquiries please contact Mrs Nicola Raven-Dossey in the school office on:

01977 516343

Email addresses:

Please contact the school office if you require a paper copy of any information on the website

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)

Mrs Claire Wilson
Glasshoughton Infant Academy
Newfield Avenue
WF10 4BH
01977 516343